Beaches in João Pessoa: Cabo Branco

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Considered by many as the most beautiful urban beach in João Pessoa, Cabo Branco beach has a paradisiacal view that attracts admirers from all over Brazil and the world, who enjoy its 5.1km of beauty and tranquility. Located in one of the noblest neighborhoods in the city, the beach, next to Tambaú, is part of the busiest area of the coast.

There are countless restaurants, hotels, cafeterias and residences that live harmoniously with the environment and make Cabo Branco one of the most sought after destinations in the city.

From the Cabo Branco barrier, where the Lighthouse of the same name is located, we have one of the most beautiful landscapes in Brazil. The whole area is part of the Tourist Complex of the neighborhood, which houses one of the biggest cultural spots in Paraíba: the Cabo Branco Station.