Beaches in João Pessoa: Tambaú

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Synonymous with beauty and excitement, the sands of Praia de Tambaú is one of the busiest in João Pessoa. The many bars, restaurants and places with live music are an additional attraction for those who want to enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in the city. The handicraft market and the Tambaú fair are a must for anyone visiting the neighbourhood.

From the coast, boats, boats and rafts set out towards a formation of reefs that have enchanted tourists and residents for over 30 years. The beauty of Picãozinho attracts visitors all times of the year, during low tide, when natural pools are formed on the spot and further expose its fantastic marine biodiversity. The practice of diving is perfect for those who want to enjoy this paradise more closely.

The sands of Tambaú receive thousands of people who gather annually to celebrate the arrival of the new year.