João Pessoa starts to operate its first regular international route, with Gol flight 7702 that arrived, at the end of the afternoon of this Saturday, at Presidente Castro Pinto International Airport (PB), coming from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Passengers on the inaugural flight from Argentina were welcomed in João Pessoa with typical foods, baião and xaxado, in addition to the distribution of kits, promoting the history and the beauties of the Capital of Paraíba.

“The work is just beginning”, comments Saulo Barreto, who is in charge of the coordination of International Affairs at the Secretary of Tourism of João Pessoa. “We will work to strengthen partnerships between the tourism departments of João Pessoa, Conde, Bayeux, with PBTur, the tourist trade and Infraero to guarantee the maintenance of the João Pessoa – Argentina flight. This month another planning meeting will take place”, he said.

Route – Every Saturday, the flight departs from Buenos Aires at 12:35 pm and arrives in João Pessoa at 5:35 pm. On the way back, the aircraft departs from Presidente Castro Pinto Airport at 6:15 pm, making a stopover in Maceió (AL) before landing in the Argentine capital.