Brazil makes progress on citizen portal

Posted on is live with hundreds of digitized services.  Brazil’s citizen portal is live with hundreds of digitized services – and the government is pushing towards a December 2020 deadline to integrate all of its sites onto the new platform.

In the first stage of the implementation, the single platform is offering over 3000 services, with over half delivered in a fully digital manner. In addition, news feeds from all departments are available through the portal.

By the end of next year, it is expected that all 1,600 government websites and mobile apps will have been migrated to the new platform, which is costing the government 43 million reais.

The new portal will not replace any back end systems or responsibilities around the content of each department – the idea is only to centralize hosting and provide a single visual identity to websites.

Yearly savings of about 100 million reais are expected as a result of the migration from the deactivation of the current network to the new portal, which is based on open source management platform Plone.

“We want only one [information channel] to exist, that citizens in any part of Brazil can access and resolve any and every issue,” Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro said

Maintaining thousands of citizen services across a variety of websites renders public services provision expensive and difficult, the Brazilian president noted at the time.