Brazil breaks record for solar energy expansion in 2023

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the expansion of the installed capacity of the electrical matrix was 7 Gigawatts (GW) between January and August 2023. Of this total, 6.2 GW comes from solar and wind sources. In the historical series, this year presented the largest increase in solar generation and the second largest increase in wind energy.

Between January and September 2023, there was the largest increase in centralized solar generation capacity in history in Brazil. In 2022, for example, the increase for the entire year was 2.5 Gigawatts, lower than the 3 GW already installed between January and September 2023.

And all this increase still does not consider distributed micro and minigeneration, which are solar panels installed in homes, businesses, factories or small plants connected directly to the distribution concessionaire network.

Of the total capacity added in 2023, 89.9% – (46%) came from wind and (43.9%) from photovoltaic.