Welcoming Tambaba Country Club Resort’s Management Company

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We are excited to announce that on the 11th July Tambaba Country Club Resort (TCCR) officially completed the handover of the condominium following the recent election of a Manager (President), assistant manager and administrative secretary. This team is responsible for the general administration of the condominium, making some decisions and choosing companies that will perform the services in the development.

They will work in the interests of the land & property owners and have appointed Versari, a very well established Brazilian Condominium management company, to manage the ongoing management of the resort commencing 11th August 2021. From that date the resort will function properly with security at the entrance gate, allowing entrance for owners who own land or properties within the condominium (along with their guests).

Versari will also now set up a CNPJ (National Register of Legal Entities) which allows TCCR to function as an independent entity with access to bank accounts for the ongoing financial management. They will also be responsible for appointing:
A full-time team of cleaners to manage the upkeep of the main facilities
Full time pool maintenance and 2 lifeguards on site during operational pool hrs
A gardening team to upkeep & treat all land plots, and continue to plant and maintain the entire resort 24hr Entrance Gate & Site Security
Creation of internal regulation which will contain all the condominium rules. These will be published to all landowners in the near future  
This is a pivotal milestone in the completion journey of the TCCR.

Monthly condo fees will be R$220.00 (£31.42), discounted to R$170.00 (£24.28) for payments made on time. To avoid monthly transfer fees international clients are advised to pay in full once per year, covering up to the next new tax year. Annual fees equate to around £291.36, however  to cover the remainder of this tax year a payment of approximately £194.28 will be due. All payments will be made directly to Versari, with account details to follow shortly.

We are very excited about the future of TCCR, and locally we have seen a huge increase in growth on land plots on alternative completed condominiums, with pricing starting at R$120,000 for much smaller (300sqm) plots. We envisage that in another 2-3 years time when the developer has sold all of their remaining stock and as the condominium matures, we have been advised and anticipate a further 60-80% increase in plot value. This is based on previous projects that have been completed and fully sold out by our real estate partners in Brazil.

If you intend to build a villa on your plot you are in a very strong position to resell to the local market due to a local 80% mortgage allowance on completed properties, and no other significant villas to compete with.