Lula to relaunch Minha Casa Minha Vida in Bahia

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 President of Brazil, Lula due to relaunch Minha Casa Minha Vida on February 14 in Bahia, the governor of Bahia, Jerônimo Rodrigues declared

The Minister of the Civil House, Rui Costa , told the governor that Lula will deliver just over 500 apartments in Santo Amaro and other cities in Bahia on that date. But Rodrigues pointed out that the delivery of the properties still depends on the president’s agenda.

Minha Casa, Minha Vida is one of the symbol programs of the PT administrations and one of the priorities of the beginning of the government. By opting for Bahia to relaunch it, Lula is making a symbolic gesture to the state that gave him 72% of the votes in the second round of the presidential election.